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The Goverment

Peru has a unitary system of government. Unlike Federal systems where the power is devolved to different layers of government, the central government defines regulations for the whole country. However, it is a decentralized system in which the 25 regions of the country, within the unitary government, participate proactively in decision-making within their territories.

The Executive Branch guides and executes the government's policies through ministries (equivalent to departments in some other countries). These ministries, have environmental jurisdiction over different industrial and commercial activities in the entire country. Therefore, Peru has a sectoral approach to its environmental enforcement. There is no single enforcement agency with total jurisdiction over the entire country and every possible polluting activity.

At the local level, the Municipalities, through ordinances, are also entitled to regulate and to take action to protect the environment. According to the Municipalities Law, their jurisdiction over environmental issues is mainly in public health, safety, and sanitation.
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